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We have arrived!
We bring you happiness!
Where the balloon bus work, in that direction something big event is made.
Text labelling
Advertising balloons
Easy-going and effective
Text labelled balloons are the most popular flyer gifts. They are easy-going and exceptionally effective…
Rainbow of Colors
Colour chart
Decorations with air-filled balloons
The entrance is an important site of an event. The arch or gate prepared of air-filled balloons give a spectacular framework to the arrival.

Text labels
Dates, signs, company logos on small balloons. Any types of numbers and letters or labels in a discretionary shape and size available.

Balloon drop
One of the most spectacular elements of stormy parties, concerts. Ingredients: big headroom, many-many balloons and a brave volunteer who releases the net. It is possible to place some gifts or tombola into the balloons.

Balloon flowers
Plain decoration for the ornamentation of columns and bars. The flower form prepared from a few different balloons is a moderate, tasteful element.

Balloon sculptures
The joy of a creation! Building a sculpture from small balloons is the most exciting task! Any kind of figure can be preapared, it is only the question of exhaustive planning, meticulous work and much-much patience…

They decorate the space from smaller rooms to the largest halls as they are preparable with multifarious thickness and discretionary length.

Balloon walls
Our SDS frame panels are adaptable as stage backgrounds and room separators. We stuff them with balloons. Any types of text labels or company logos can be placed onto the balloon wall.

It may substitute the balloon drop by smaller headroom. We put 100 pieces of small balloons and large-sized confettis into a giant balloon, which blows up at a given moment. It is a fantastic sight as the content of the big balloon falls down!

Balloon cloud
These colorful dumplings are the spectacular ornaments of bigger spaces. As simple it is, so fantastic the decoration prepared of a balloon cloud is!

Air-filled balloons
We may create and incredible athmosphere and sight by suspending air-filled balloons from the ceiling. They look simply fantastic illuminated in the air.
ˆ Balloon Art, 2017.
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