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We have arrived!
We bring you happiness!
Where the balloon bus work, in that direction something big event is made.
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Advertising balloons
Easy-going and effective
Text labelled balloons are the most popular flyer gifts. They are easy-going and exceptionally effective…
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Where do we inflate the balloons?
We do the majority of the tasks on spot. We arrive at the site of the event after smaller preparations, and generally we blow the balloons there. This way we can prevent them from any damage during shipment.

What do we inflate the balloons with?
We blow the air-filled balloons with a separate compressor manufactured for this purpose, whereas we blow the helium-filled balloons with balloon gas (with helium).

Isn’t the gas bottle dangerous?
Our company uses balloon gas bottles distributed by Linde Gas Zrt. Helium is not a combustible gas. The overpressure in the bottle could spell danger. Even though, helium bottle are safe with professional usage in a full measure.

Doesn’t the balloon let down before time?
Our company uses the American Qualatex balloons which have been developed for decoration purpose, especially. These balloons are of much better quality than traditional balloons. The helium-filled balloons fly for 14-16 hours which may extended with a special implement (HI-Float) to 3-5 days.

How much can the weather damage the balloon decoration?
Qualatex balloons are made of latex, which is a 100% natural substance (and does not contain plastic), so these balloons are extremely long lasting. Nevertheless, strong sunshine, stormy wind could damage the balloons. We can’t take a guarantee to outdoor decoration.
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