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We have arrived!
We bring you happiness!
Where the balloon bus work, in that direction something big event is made.
Text labelling
Advertising balloons
Easy-going and effective
Text labelled balloons are the most popular flyer gifts. They are easy-going and exceptionally effective…
Rainbow of Colors
Colour chart
Airblown giant inflatable balloons
The most spectacular advertisements are the airblown giant inflatable balloons. May that be a grassy area, a building, the roof of a petrol station or an exhibition stand, they are impossible to skip on the grounds of their size. Any kind of form is preparable, it is just your fantasy that may set the border.
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Advertising balloons
Advertising balloons are made in a unique form, with stitched technology.
This could be a simpler form: a cylinder, a sphere, a cube (dice), or a prism (slip). Or it could form a more complicated shape: a car, a motorbike, a popular figure or a bloodthirsty predator. The sight is always the point! This is a gigantic advertising medium, which could find enough room packed up in a sports bag! A fan blows the balloons continuously, so a power supply is necessary to its operation. We provide it with ears, ropes that it could be fixed like a tent. Safe bandage points are necessary for this: piles on a grassy area, plotted pickles on concrete in advance, similarly on a roof.
Layout plans are prepared of the dreamed balloon upon request.

Air Dancers
With his motion he already attracts the looks from far! It may be made in a simple pipe form, in one-legged or two-legged man shape. A ventilator inflates the figure. Current supply is necessary for operation. We supply the ventilator with lighting, so the dancing figures are superb and attractive advertising media in darkness, too.


Inflatable sky dancers – tubes
An unique decorating opportunity to the ornamentation of big spaces. We may blow up even several hundred metres of tubing. We get a special mood if we light it. The tubes are available and reapplicable many times. The ventilator is rentable.
ˆ Balloon Art, 2017.
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