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We have arrived!
We bring you happiness!
Where the balloon bus work, in that direction something big event is made.
Text labelling
Advertising balloons
Easy-going and effective
Text labelled balloons are the most popular flyer gifts. They are easy-going and exceptionally effective…
Rainbow of Colors
Colour chart
Helium filled balloons
We distribute sphere and zeppelin balloons with ideal flying characteristics, which can be filled with helium.
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Helium Spheres - Giant Advertising Inflatables
The most popular helium-filled balloons. They can be released even uop to 30 metres. We may supply it with an exchangeable (sticker, molino) or a definitive inscription. They are superb advertising media with inside lighting in darkness.

The classic blimps (zeppelin form) balloon floats spectacular aloft. We can supply two of his sides and his back air-deflectors with text labels. We distribute it in a diverse size and colour combination.
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Important required informations
1. It is only allowed to fix the balloon far away from obstacles. The fixing may only be in a proper, due distance from trees and electric pylons.

2. The ascending of the helium balloon depends on the weather. It is not allowed to let the balloon in a strong wind, in a storm, however it is necessary to pull it down!

3. There is need for the storage of the balloon in a room of a suitable size. It is necessary to place the balloon indoors during the night or in case of bad weather.

4. Helium loss: cca. 1-5% daily. It is necessary to be filled up every 2-3 day. The addition of extra helium is possible at home from a bottle which can be rented for us.

5. Helium-filled balloons are exposed to the dangers of the weather increasingly. It is important to make inquiries about the weather forecast.
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