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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do giant balloons work?
A little ventilator blows the airblown giant balloon continuously. The air which crowds in the balloon leaves through the holes of the sewins – inconspicuously – keeping the balloon tight. The operation requires constant power supply.

How can the balloon be fixed?
The fixing of the balloon is similar to that of a tent: we knit the ropes to iron piles (which is of suitable size related to the size of the balloon) on a grassy area. There is need for plotted screws on the case of a concrete revertment or a roof ahead.
Warning! There is no safe fixing that could resist a storm! The balloon or the rope may tear.

What is to do in case of bad weather?
If there is strong wind, or storm, it is necessary to let the balloon down quickly. To achieve this, it is enough to turn the fan off. Then the balloon lowers slowly. At this stage it is exposed to the biggest danger, because in its soft state it works as a sail in the wind. Because of this we can accelerate the lowering with the help of the zipper located on the balloon. The balloon may survive the storm in a deflated, but tied state. We can make the balloon operate further by switching the fan on again when the wind stops.

Can the torn balloon fixed?
The torn balloon is repairable, depending on the measure of the damage. However, frequent repairings weaken the material.

What size are giant balloons made of?
The smallest size is 2 metres. The recommended altitude is maximum 6-8 metres. We ahve already prepared a 12-metre-long shopping carts, indeed, 17-metre-tall towers, but they are hard to maintain due to their size and they are increasingly exposed to the weather.

What is the maximun altitude for the helium balloon?
30 metres rope is supplied with the helium balloons industrially. The lengthening of the rope or its submission to higher altitude is not recommended.

What shall I do in case of bad weather?
It is not allowed to let the balloon in a strong wind or in a storm, but it is necessary to draw it. It is necessary to store the balloon indoor in a room of an appropriate size. May we never leave the balloon up unattended (during the night, for example).

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