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We have arrived!
We bring you happiness!
Where the balloon bus work, in that direction something big event is made.
Text labelling
Advertising balloons
Easy-going and effective
Text labelled balloons are the most popular flyer gifts. They are easy-going and exceptionally effective…
Rainbow of Colors
Colour chart
Wedding decoration

The entrance is the emphasized point of our wedding site. The just married couple and the guests arrive through this. It is important that we make the place of the festive dinner noticeable with some kind of attracting decoration.
A balloon arch or a heart gate gives an elegant framework to the entrance. We may decorate the two sides of the door with bouquets put into bigger flower stands.


Main table
The main table table is an centre place in the hall. The just married couple, the parents and the grandparents are sitting here. Let it be the most beautiful table! We place the bigger floral decoration, the richer balloon bouquets here. The ornament, which is made of the stuffed balloons, is the most spectacular and the most popular tabletop composition. We recommend a heart shape, either from balloons or from flowers, behind the just married couple. The two hearts curling round into each other express it in even more beautifully what this day is about. If somebody doesn’t like this motive, they may select plainer background, for example a light, elegant arch.


Guests’ tables
We may place smaller floral decoration, three pieces balloon bouquets with a little weight to the guests’ tables. We can decorate the tablecloth with wedding confetti or glass stone. We may turn the chairs into elegant with chair skirts and bows in a colour matching the decoration.


The plainest decoration can be carried out by spreading air-filled balloons all over the dancefloor and freeing helium-filled balloons to let them fly up to the ceiling. These balloons have a spectacular role during dancing. The sight effect placed above the dancefloor may give the real experience: a detonator or a balloon drop may be the unforgettable moment of the evening! We would rather recommend the latter in halls with bigger headroom (min. 4-5 metres). We may underline the dancefloor area with balloon bouquets or columns placed to its four corners.
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