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ongoing domestic projects
Elaboration of the genetic basis, management and control of production of the hungarikum quality poultry meat
Project summary
Elaboration of the genetic basis, management and control of production of the Hungarikum quality poultry meat is proposed by the project. Its main subject is to determine possibilities of production of special poultry meat products, in which old Hungarian type poultry breeds, natural or ecological production and a comprehensive controlling system are applied. Under that system, typical Hungarian product, called Hungarikum would be produced, which is highly acceptable in the European Union too. Further important aspects in that production could be the conservation of old Hungarian breeds, breeding traditions as well as rural family farming.
Making the products even more marketable, inclusion of ecological type mixed farming in production is very promising. Therefore, second main subject of the project is to incorporate poultry production into ecological plant cultures or horticultures. This type of production can provide a model for development of ecological mixed farming systems in Hungary.
Elaboration of the bases for breeding stock distrbution and product development of old Hungarian chicken gene reserve
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Project summary
Parallel with the development of intensive poultry production, traditional Hungarian poultry stock breeding gradually disappeared, while maintenance and conservation of old breeds – under the supervision of the National Institute for Agricultural Quality Control and breeding NGOs – became the task of conservationists. Expansion of intensive farming threatens traditional poultry breeds all over the world much more than other domestic species.
Gene conservation can be complete if utilization of the breeds becomes a reality. For this purpose a consortium of chicken gene bank breeders, organized by the breeding association (an NGO) decided to complete a project proposal containing four main tasks: (1) characterize all Hungarian chicken breeds and varieties of gene banks and describe their production characteristics in detail, (2) and (3) study quality characteristics of products, including meat and eggs of different breeds and produced at different ages of breeders, and (4) study the use and breeding characteristics of the breeds in ecological type production. All R&D included in this project proposal is intended to conserve old traditional Hungarian chicken breeds for the future.
Completed projects
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Last update: 10 February 2016.