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hu-ba products
The HU-BA system (abbreviation of Hungarikum Baromfi = Hungaricum poultry) is a trade mark and a complex system. Its base is the trio of gene conservation – breeding – controlling and production system. As part of the conservation programme, MGE and its institutional partners have been working on the elaboration of the genetic bases, management and quality control of production of the Hungarikum type quality poultry products. Special poultry production needs old Hungarian type poultry breeds, natural or ecological production and a comprehensive controlling system, by which typical Hungarian product, called HU-BA will be produced. Further important aspects of HU-BA production are conservation of old Hungarian poultry breeds and breeding traditions, as well as rural family farming. Making HU-BA products more marketable, inclusion of ecological type mixed farming in production is very promising, if incorporation of poultry production into ecological plant cultures or horticultures can be solved.

HU-BA products

Spring chicken:
Traditional product, when chickens are reared till 1 kg live weight – old Hungarian chicken breeds realise that weight at 10-12 weeks of age. Chicken meat covered with egg and breadcrumbs is suitable for quick frying in fat. Breed and free range keeping together ensure the special flavour and quality of the meat.

Table chicken:
Chickens can be marketed as traditional farm table chickens reared until 12-18 weeks of age. They realise 1,6-2 kg live weight depending on the breed and sex. The meat is mature, has special flavour, can be marketed in gross or chopped.

Soup hen:
Soup hen is marketed after the bird had finished egg production, with 2-2,5 kg live weight. Most excellent soup meat for traditional cuisine.

Roosters castrated at young age (capons) are marketed about 6 months of age with 3 kg live weight. Their special, soft and friable meat is the favourite product of traditional restaurants and gourmands.

Table turkey:
Meat of turkey kept until 20-24 weeks of age under natural conditions (4-5 kg live weight) is a special quality product, its marketing generally is in connection with feasts around Christmas. It can be marketed both in gross and chopped.

Table guinea fowl:
Guinea fowl has one of the most delicious poultry meats. It can be marketed as table guinea fowl with 1-1,4 kg live weight, or later as soup meat.

Table goose:
Hungarian goose realises 3-4 kg live weight at 10-12 weeks of age. It obtains its special quality meat from the frizzled feathered stocks and grazing.

Table duck:
Hungarian duck is a breed with special meat quality. It has been preserving its character reminiscent of proud flesh until now. They can be marketed with 2-2,5 kg live weight.

HU-BA egg:
Eggs of the chicken and guinea fowl breeds those are the bases of HU-BA products are marketed under this trade-name. Natural keeping conditions and genetic traits of the breeds are the bases of production of eggs with specific flavour and special nutritive value.
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