A Csárda
The Hungarian Csárda
The atmosphere of the csárda decorated by hand-painted "kalocsa" folk motives is highlighted by the "kalocsa" plates, jugs and also by the numerous garlands made of red paprika.

Room for

120 people sitting
150 people standing

Contemporary sound and light effect equipment and a semi-circular stage is available.
The Ball Hall
The exclusive hall is an ideal scene for

press conferences,
company and family meetings.

Room for

150 people standing
120 people sitting

Equipped by contemporary sound and light effect fittings. The programmes on the lifted stage are visible from everywhere in the hall.
The Garden
It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Budapest with an admirable atmosphere which is usually open from 1 May to the beginning of October. In the shadow of huge chestnut trees a decorated horse cart gives the place the atmosphere of the Hungarian country.Every evening there is an attractive folk art programme for our visitors.

Room for

250 people sitting
300 people standing

A large stage with contemporary sound and light equipment is available.